Introducing AMIGᵉO

AMIGᵉO is a problem solver for Euclidean (plane) geometry. It produces human-like proofs that can help in the learning process of Euclidean geometry.

AMIGᵉO is meant to be used primarily by students and/or teachers at middle or high-school levels.

Getting Started

Download the Android app and start using AMIGᵉO straight away. You can also use it directly from this webpage; however, the GUI has been optimized for Android app usage. You can try the free version to solve problems with small-sized solutions (Android Link, Webpage Link).

Notice that you need to be connected to the internet to be able to use AMIGᵉO.


Make sure you go through the in-app tutorial and read the quick in-app help to make the most of AMIGᵉO. You can also watch this video.

You can post suggestions and issues using this Help Desk. We'll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.


Click on the following examples to see the type of proofs AMIGᵉO generates.


When AMIGᵉO finds a solution to your problem, you are prompted to pay to view it. You can pay by bank card, by Google Pay, or by a previously topped-up balance. You can even pay by watching ads. Transaction charges are different and so we have pricing tables to accommodate the different cases.

Let t be the time of finding a solution, and c is the associated cost. The following details the cost of using AMIGᵉO depending on the payment methods and the effort taken to find the solution (In over 98% of the problems we tested, the time to solve a problem never exceeded one minute).

t (minute) c (US$)
t ≤ 1 c = 0.5
1 < t ≤ 5 c = 1
5 < t ≤ 10 c = 1.5
10 < t ≤ 30 c = 2
Topped-up Balance
t (minute) c (US$)
t ≤ 1 c = 0.2
1 < t ≤ 5 c = 0.4
5 < t ≤ 10 c = 0.6
10 < t ≤ 30 c = 0.8

Talk to Us

Please use the Help Desk to discuss any matter related to using AMIGᵉO.

If you want to contact us concerning more general topics, please use the form.


Privacy: The information we store about you is the information you provide such as username, a hash of the password, problem submissions, and financial transactions. We do not process your payment ourselves, so we have no access to your credit card or Google Pay information.

Refunds: Payments are final and non-refundable. The software has gone under rigourous formal verification and when it provides a solution it is a correct solution, so cases where "a solution is not correct" are impossible.